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Must Love Dirt —


As we welcome the spring thaw, you can’t help but hear it...the dirt is calling your name. Trails are revealing themselves after a winter of hibernation, just waiting to be explored. And your spirit is craving the experience of spending an hour, an afternoon, or full days focusing on the fall of your footsteps on the trail, wrapping up the day with a satisfying layer of dirt covering the lower half of your body. This Collection was curated for those with a love for time spent on dirt. Time to lace up and answer the call!

Chosen PRODUCT Variation: 1 (Hike)

SCARPA Moraine Mid GTX

BioLite HeadLamp 

Coalatree Trailhead Shorts

NOKA Superfood Smoothie (x3 flavors)


Obsidian Box Design —



Conceptually, I really appreciate the consistency and sophistication the black box with white logo accents has had for the exterior of the Obsidian boxes. It helps keep the ever-changing interior a secret a bit longer, making the overall box opening process more stimulating for the consumer.


For the exterior of the ‘Must Love Dirt’ box, I felt a simple, efficient addition to the exterior would be the perfect balance for a subtle change, while maintaining previous consistency.

Getting custom black and white packaging tape to seal the box for shipping adds a new design element to an already necessary aspect of packaging.

cairn_exterior_layflat-01_Artboard 1.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 11.01.35 AM.png


My concept for the interior is a one-piece-fits-all mentality. To the left is an image to better show how I imagine the box opening up and laying flat to present all of the products and corresponding information directly on the cardboard box.

The design is a cumulation of imagery meets organic. The image feature is a POV of a dirt trail through the woods emanating the overall theme (also making it cohesive for both variations of the box), while the flaps the products are attached to (via wire ties or black elastics) stay kraft with white copy + illustration accents throughout.

Using a single piece of cardboard for packaging and sharing product information will provide a new opening experience for the consumer while saving on printing needs and consequently adding an eco-friendly aspect to this package.

*Sizes are approximate and some product packaging has been created as placeholder

cairn_interior_box_Artboard 1_Artboard 1.png

Facebook Ad / Video —


1080x1080 video

The Facebook video ad is meant to grab attention and spark curiosity from unsubscribed scrollers. Facebook ads need to be immediately effective and ultimately draw the potential consumer to click through to the landing page you will see below. The ad is short, but leading and is intended to leave the viewer curious enough about the visuals and copy to click through and learn more about the theme.

The video starts with an aerial shot of a trail that is raining dirt, then, in a play off the closing animation of a classic romance movie, the theme title animates in, then moving into the simple black background featuring only the release quarter and Obsidian logo - leaving the viewer questioning the context and clicking through to find more.


1080x1080 CAROUSEL AD

The carousel ad takes a bit of a different aesthetic, in an effort to get the consumer curious enough to scroll through to the next image there is an illustrative line leading through each image, a slight overlap of white space and imagery between each slide, as well as leading the consumer with one word per slide. This ad concept continues to incorporate the image-meets-organic theme the box interior works off of.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.04.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.02.34 PM.png

Email Design —


The email design and layout is based off previous experiences using MailChimp to ensure the concepts ease of execution. Leading with a Cairn header and gif that is simplified from the Facebook Video Ad above to spark initial interest and maintain consistency throughout the video - email - landing page experience. The email features both variations of the box and calls out new products that Cairn box subscribers are among some of the first to receive.

cairn_email_update_Artboard 1.png
cairn_email_2 (Converted).gif

Webpage Wireframe —


I spent a lot of time moving through the Cairn website looking for bits of design to pull from various pages so that the landing page is relatively easy to create for the developers. The landing page is similar to the email, but leads with a larger header image and back story before jumping into the product / box information. After moving through the box / individual product information / general Obsidian information, the wireframe pulls from previous Obsidian landing pages and features a grid of lifestyle images from the shoot for the box’s products.






Evergreen Banner Ads —


For the digital Evergreen banner ads I wanted to provide a bit of an overview aesthetic. Cairn’s branding and assets all have an underlying (but refined) illustration / doodle / line art base. This being one of my favorite illustrative styles I showcased a few ways to incorporate that into subtly illustrated gifs. The illustrations rely on the context of the images that are showcased in each ad and are followed up with a Cairn logo and either a “Learn More” or “Subscribe” prompt.

*All ads are under 150KB per request and are able to play on loop as long as allowed


Thank you,

For your consideration + time - I’m truley looking forward to you reviewing this!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns moving forward.

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